Au Revoir Paris!

July 6, 2010

I should be in bed, since (in theory) a taxi will be picking me up to drag me kicking and screaming to the airport in just 5.5 hours, but I couldn’t bear to just go without writing one (last?) post from my funny little Paris apartment. So welcome to a photo gallery of my last day à Paris

The Rose Bakery, where Jane and I had breakfast (I forgot to take a picture of her...and the scones)

Reason #583 that I will miss Paris...girls on scooters

Lunch with Laura, Caroline, and my French sister Ariane at PG's

Publicity shot with the man himself!

Planes over Saint Chapelle

Saint Chapelle-downstairs

Saint Chapelle-detail

One of the restored windows

Saint Chapelle's floor

The Rose Window

Relief from the balcony

This was where I ate my last Berthillon with Laura

It wouldn't be Paris without me having to deal with a 'fermature exceptionelle' at the post office when I really needed to mail all of my heavy books home...

Dessert (while one of 3 anyways) at the Florimond where Laura, Caroline and I gorged ourselves on incredible French food

My last photograph in Paris

I can’t just leave you all with no recap of my year, so if all goes according to plan, à bientôt!


3 Responses to “Au Revoir Paris!”

  1. Stephen Trudeau said

    Miss V. Reading this last blog almost makes me feel guilty about getting you back home! Almost, but I’ll get over it! Can,t wait to hug you again… Love, Your Dada

  2. Eddie said

    I am sad for you to leave Paris Victoria, but I will be extraordinarily happy to see you soon!

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