…And We Go Out!

June 13, 2010

I meant to write part 2 last night but I got distracted, so here it is today instead!

Paris on a Friday night in mid-June is just wonderful. After seeing a performance of the Cantatrice Chauve (French Absurdist theater) with SBC, I met up with Laura and Caroline for a picnic in front of the Tour Eiffel. The sun was just starting to set at 10 p.m, and the light and clouds were so incredible that we spent most of dinner photographing everything around us.

I know that I’ll be glad to go home and see everyone in July, but when you’re enjoying a French picnic between the absolutely golden Tour Eiffel and Ecole Militaire, it’s hard to think about being happy anywhere else. Paris is my own sort of personal paradise.

It was the first match of the World Cup of Soccer for France, and we’d thought that there was a big projection screen on the Champs de Mars to watch it, but it turned out that the screen was just there, and all of the people were attracted not by the game, but by the late-evening sunshine and the open lawn that we are (shockingly) really allowed to sit on. I was at first a little disappointed to miss the game, but it ended up being a 0-0 tie anyways, so I’ll just wait for the next one!

After a bit Ariane and Côme showed up with my ‘replacement’ Corinne, a really nice girl here for SBC’s summer program. They also brought along some of Côme’s friends, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We were speaking a mix of French and English, but the wine was only French of course! I enjoyed spending time with my “sister” and “brother”, who I really miss now that I’ve moved out. I can’t complain though, since living with Laura has been absolutely great! We get along really well, and she and Caroline really enjoyed spending time with my “family” and their friends.

Caroline and Laura leaning in for a picture!

It wasn’t a late night, since it started raining at 12 and we were all pretty tired from our day, but it was one of the best relaxed evenings out I’ve had in a long time.

Life since then has been busy though with hand washing laundry and working furiously on my research, but I’m hoping for another picnic soon. I have to make the best of these last 3 weeks!

A bientôt!


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