Amadi Goes Home…

June 12, 2010

This is going to be a two-part post. I have been so busy with class and research that I’ve had nothing but that to write about all week (well, Deborah surprise visited me briefly on Thursday but I forgot to take pictures). And as fascinating as I find it, I know that most of you are probably completely uninterested in 19th century women artists from various genres working in Paris and their respective appeal, success, and connections to the United States.

So I had a ‘goodbye Amadi breakfast’ at my house in order to have something real to write about. Oh, and she’s also been an amazing friend and huge part of my junior year abroad, so she deserves it.

Caroline made freshly squeezed orange juice, I made something vaguely resembling fried eggs (our stove takes literally 40 minutes to boil noodles. Honestly 40 minutes.) and Amadi took a lot of pictures and helped with all sorts of random things. It was delicious, but the company was the best part!

We capped off the morning with a group viewing of GaGa’s new video, and then a wikipedia search to try and understand what on earth she was trying to ‘say’…we’re still confused, but it was good to have our last GaGa moment together here in Paris.

I feel like this is the true end of an era. Amadi has been here all year, and she’s been such an important part of this trip. Her sense of humor was essential at every get-together, her picture antics are legendary, and her love of Breakfast In America was truly remarkable! She’s also a die-hard New Yorker, so while we will be spending most of next year far apart, I have a great reason to visit NYC, and judging by my research it might  even be academically necessary. I can’t wait!

But even without one of my favorite people by my side, life (and my day) goes on. After a huge good-bye Amadi hug I noticed this artist drawing on the sidewalk. I snapped a photo, but it wasn’t until I looked at it hours later that I realized he’d been looking straight at me! Next time I better give him some money first I think.

My day continued but not at all in the way I’d planned. I stopped by the Centre Pompidou library in the hopes of doing research only to realize it was going to be closed for another hour. Instead of waiting and wasting research time I went to another smaller library a half hour away. Only to learn that it wasn’t going to open for another hour and a half! So I went to the Musée d’Orsay and looked for paintings by my artists before going through the book store and writing down names of books that I’ll research later. I did the same thing at the Louvre bookstore, since I mistakenly arrived 2 hours before class, but it was worth it! Paris was miraculously bathed in sunshine almost all day and the light was great for pictures!

I’m particularly fond of the reflections of light from the pyramid on the old Louvre building…

But I am also particularly fond of just about everything in Paris. Especially Parisian nights, but I’ll explain that in the next post…

A toute suite!


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