Summer in Full Swing

June 6, 2010

Last night I had a small ‘pendaison de crémaillère’ or house warming at the new apartment. It was a mix of Americans and French, ‘family’ and new friends, and all in all it was a good night. The weather was perfect, the breezy balcony was a hit, and all the clean-up today was definitely worth it!

My apartment-mate Laura arrived today from the U.S, I started working on my Summer Honor’s Research, and tomorrow I have orientation and a welcome pic-nic for SBC’s summer program. It’s great knowing that I have new friends for the summer, though it is sad to see my year-long friends go home.

All of this combined with hot weather and long days (it’s 10:15 and it’s still light out!) makes it feel like my Parisian summer has really begun! Yesterday’s trip to the Paris flea market where Colbert, Caroline, Alex, Amadi and I had to stop and sip limonade and diabolo menthes to escape the heat helped was such a ‘welcome to summer in your favorite city’ thing to do. And luckily the lazy lunch helped to give us all energy to burn later that night when we tried a little bit of French/American swing dancing in what is now Laura’s bedroom…

Spontaneous cross-cultural swing dancing in my tiny Parisian apartment? My friends are the coolest people ever. Vraiment.

A bientôt!


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