Bienvenüe Chez Moi

June 3, 2010

Welcome to the new apartment!

Breakfast this morning with finally seasonally appropriate warm weather was not so bad! The apartment is tiny, but I think it’s just about perfect for summer. There is no living or dining room, but the little table in my bedroom has proven to work out just fine!

My summer roommate, Laura, hasn’t moved in yet, so Caroline has been keeping me company for dinner so far, and last night Amadi stopped by too! It is nice having friends right in the neighborhood, and it’s been lively so far, which makes me happy. It will be great when Laura moves in though, since I’ll have someone there for breakfast as well!

The balcony is by far my favorite part of the apartment. It’s nice having extra space for eating and once it warms up for real, possible sun bathing! The church you see is also beautiful, but the construction going on is not the greatest thing to wake up to. It sounds like a little kid just smashing away with the world’s biggest hammer! The good news is that I think I’m already adjusting to the noise level.

The best part about moving was arranging everything in a new space. It wasn’t easy, but my shelved ‘closet’ is working out great as a bookshelf/teacup display/ shoe rack. Living in small spaces is a great exercise in creativity…

As is cooking in my little baby kitchen! No oven, no room for more than one person MAX, and no electricity if you get water from the sink on one of the burners either. But it’s functional. I made something vaguely resembling crêpes last night, and it was catastrophe free, so that’s a success!

I think this is going well so far. No internet yet, but that will happen later, and until then I can at least use Sweet Briar’s internet in the office. Though I miss my 5 minute walk there, which has been replaced by 30 minutes of bus, or walking/metro.

I do like getting to know a new neighborhood, and this apartment is really close to my babysitting job, which has been useful for the past two days!

All in all, I’m happy.

But I’m also hungry and in need of lunch, so a bientôt!


2 Responses to “Bienvenüe Chez Moi”

  1. grandma said

    You had me in stitches laughing about your new apartmet – it’s so not American and so French. I love the positive spin on everything and your view is just beautiful even with the noise. Grandpa and I looked @ each other when you said it was a 5 floor walkup and then we decided, we could do that when we were your age. it’s so wonderful…

  2. Laura Trudeau said

    Your apartment is sooo cute! Thank you for posting the pictures!

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