May 18, 2010

One thing I miss most about home in Michigan is Dixie. There’s something about having a dog underfoot that is so comforting, so entertaining, and so homey…9 months without her (except for our skype ‘conversations’-she still recognizes my voice) has been unexpectedly difficult. Dogs are perfect topics of conversation, they are great distractions, and they lighten the mood in almost any situation instantly-especially when they are house pets that act like people. See exhibit A below!

Meet Twiggy.

Mme Grée’s dog has been spending the week at the office so far, and the change in everyone’s behavior has been interesting to note. Baby-talk in French and English resonates in the hallway, barks interrupt class, and belly rubs are suddenly commonplace. As is having white dog hair everywhere. Twiggy is named after the skinny 60’s fashion model, but while she is just as tiny, unlike her namesake she has no patience for the camera. I think that her terrier genes get in the way!

She’s not anything like our spaniel Dixie, she is much more like Purdy, our now deceased but both beloved and loathed Jack Russel. Twiggy hates certain students without cause, she’ll eat anything (apple cores are a favorite), she is into absolutely everything, and she hardly ever slows down. She’s the greatest, and I wish she was always at the office!

Especially now with final papers, final exams, evaluations, moving plans, departure plan drama, and all manner of other stressful things taking up all of my time, it’s really nice to have Twiggy around. She livens things up with her barking and escape attempts, and sometimes she’ll stop just long enough for you to get a few pats in. I think to be honest that she mostly lets us pet her for our own benefit.

So voilà the most interesting part of my week so far. I go from Cinderella to student pretty fast, and while in the thick of all this work there is not much else to say, though I should be spending the weekend at my host family’s new country home for the first time and I imagine that there will be pictures…if I manage to get all of my homework done.

A bientôt!


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