Venetian Photo Album

May 9, 2010

Updating my blog frequently is not so easy since I am also trying to get a head start on studying for finals-I have 3 weeks left of my program and then I’ll be done with my internship, my Renaissance Art History course at the Sorbonne, my Shakespeare class, and ALL French classes forever-but I should probably also just let you all see at least a few pictures from my weekend with Colbert in Venice!

The land of masks

I really was surprised by how many masks there are in Venice. It seems like every tourist stand has them, and every third shop specializes in all sorts of elaborate head gear-they were beautiful, scary, funny, full face, half face, traditional, novel….anything you could imagine was there in mask form, and I couldn’t resist buying my own in the end-green glitter and large feathers are hard to turn down!

The Canal

The amount of water in Venice really is impressive-as is the lack of street names! Even the map we carried didn’t label most of them. It’s old-fashioned navigating by landmarks that works best, along with the ‘vaguely this direction’ arrows put up by both the city and random people trying to be helpful (most of the time). It was usually just easiest to try to follow the main canal, but even that wasn’t always straight forward!

Home for the merchants of Venice?

The reason that the canal was difficult to follow is that many of the gorgeous palaces that are just about everywhere are along the edge of the canal, with not even a sidewalk between them and the water. So instead of walking along the canal you have to walk around buildings and corners (the streets are all very straight) while checking in to make sure the canal is not too far every few minutes. It’s all a labyrinth, but we actually did fairly well after a few large mishaps!

Going somewhere?

Venice is also filled with Gondolas. And yes, the Gondoliers do wear white and black striped shirts, and sometimes hats too, but I never happened to hear one sing unfortunately. And we didn’t ride it a Gondola either, but maybe next time I’ll decide to try it.

Some things have changed

In spite of the outfit and the cool boats, some things have changed. I don’t know if Gondoliers always had tattoos, but the blackberry is certainly a newer addition to the image!

The Palace of the Doge

I somehow managed to take no decent pictures of San Marco square, but above is the Palace of the Doge, a fabulous building where the head of the Venetian government (in many ways in title only) would live until his death after being elected by and from the elite families of Venice. Of course it was forbidden to take pictures inside, but the porch was fair game…


Which is how I got this picture of the old place to leave anonymous legal complaints and accusations for the government. It might be slightly dramatic for everyday life, but I still loved it!

I guess scurvy is never a problem

I also really loved this brightly colored vegetable selling boat on a canal!


And this graffiti-who is (or who are) ‘Cloax’? A mysterious Venetian gang? A secret Venetian society? A Venetian super hero?…I also like the bird because he looks like he’s wearing a mask.

Rialto Bridge

Unfortunately I took awful pictures in Venice. Most of them turned out like this one with only half of something showing-sometimes because of construction or strangely placed billboard advertisements, or sometimes for reasons I don’t even remember-maybe the rest of the bridge wouldn’t fit in the frame? But I’ll leave you with my one good picture from Venice.

On the water



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