Reason #12347 that I Love Paris

April 21, 2010

In just a few short hours I will be waking up to jump in a taxi, and then hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll be on an airplane to join Mom in Rome-what a way to spend spring break! But just in case there was any possibility that I would fall head over heels for Italy and forget about my romance with Paris, the city found a way to remind me of why I fall in love more every day: dinner by myself.

I hadn’t been to PG’s Bar A Manger since last semester, and in spite of being without Andy, my usual PG’s partner in crime, I stopped in tonight by myself for dinner. PG’s is the kind of place that could end up on a ‘secret great places to eat in Paris, especially if you like nice Americans’ list, except it hasn’t been around long enough yet. As I learned today they’ve only been around for 9 months or so, but this is their fourth venture into the restaurant business. They think that this one is going to interest them enough to be the keeper though, which is lucky for all of us!

The owner (PG I assume) said he didn’t recognize me when I came in, because of how much my French has improved, (!!!) but I am sure the lack of Andy by my side also made me harder to recognize. None-the-less, once he realized who I was he asked what I’d been up to, and what I was planning next.

Over a croque of toasted bread topped with olive tapenade, tomatoes, melted mozzarella and more olives, salad, and finally apple-pineapple crumble topped with some sort of incredible French cream, we talked about my program, the French, farmer’s markets, music, and Italy. PG ran around putting things in order and cleaning up around me while chatting with me and occasionally calling out to his wife working in the kitchen just to my right. It was the best dinner alone I’ve ever had, mostly because I didn’t really feel alone, I was just the only one eating.

I left PG’s smiling and full of delicious food, already figuring out when I can go back and what friends to bring with me. And I’m putting it on my ‘must visit on return trips to Paris’ short list-any place that makes you feel at home in Paris is a tradition in the making in my opinion.

I have to get to sleep so I can have some energy for Italy tomorrow, but I’ll try and update soon!

A bientôt!

PS-you’ll notice that the pictures don’t go with the story, but they are from my first week of spring break (spent here in Paris). The baby on the bottom is 1/3 of my new babysitting job, and he’s even sweeter than he looks. I also have to give Amadi credit for being the one to teach me about the cool setting on my camera that let’s me take pictures this way!


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