Food and Family: Normandy (Easter)

April 12, 2010

I know that I haven’t updated in a while, but I have spent the last 10 days running around with the Nicolls and Mom and Dad, and the gourmet food, day trips, after dinner games, and hugs took up all of my spare time! I am still tired, and the pictures turned out well, so this will be a post of few words, but I’ll be back to my wordy self soon!

The Château

The château where we spent Easter with the Nicolls was even prettier than I remembered from the last time we were there. The grass was green, flowers were starting to bloom, and while it wasn’t warm we did have plenty of sunshine, which poured in through the windows and made everything look like it was from a magazine!

In the kitchen


We arrived on Saturday, and Sunday we celebrated Easter all day! It was strange to be at the château without Brooks and Emily, but Hannah brought her friend Sara, who was lovely and up for anything, which made her a great addition to the group! Mom, Dad, Rachel, Hannah and I piled in the car and drove to church in the morning, which was a good way to start the Easter celebration. After breakfast we bought bread, chocolate, cake, and some leeks and lentils for lunch in town before heading back into the country for lunch!

Hannah in the kitchen

Since the day was a little cool we decided that soup was the perfect thing for lunch. Rachel started it with leeks, carrots, lentils and vegetable broth, and then  Hannah, Sara and I took over. We threw in mushrooms we found in the fridge, shredded in the leftover chicken from the last night’s dinner, mixed in salt and pepper, and turned up the heat to cook it down. It still wasn’t quite right so we called in Jamie to make a ‘rue’ from flour, butter, garlic and milk which we mixed in to make the soup creamy. Another dash of white wine and a dash of freshly ground pepper finished it off, and with the delicious bread we warmed in the oven we soon finished the soup off by cleaning the entire pot!

Honestly the best soup I ever had!

Mom warming the cheese


We completed the meal with sliced pear and cheese warmed by the fire, and our chocolate apricot cake! It was the perfect Easter lunch, and by the end we were ready to start the Easter Egg Hunt!

Rachel bought large golden eggs for us to hide, but we decided to change the rules of the normal game so that everyone could play and win something great! Each of us took an egg and wrote our name on a piece of paper to put inside. On the other side of the paper we secretly wrote out a favor that we would do for whoever found the egg. We hid them individually in both the house and yard, and once you found an egg you had to stop searching. Most of the favors were back rubs, except for Rachel’s, which I won: a personalized limerick written just for me!

Jamie diligently searching

Dad and Rachel on the hunt

Jamie putting his 'prize' in his pocket

We spent the rest of the afternoon napping and that night we had an amazing leg of lamb for dinner, cooked by Colombe, who with her husband takes care of the château in addition to their farm. After Colombe’s incredible meal we played a game where the person next to you gives you a piece of paper to stick to your head with a name written on it. The goal is to guess who you are by asking yes or no questions, and the names were as diverse as Edgar Allan Poe, Richard Gere, and Micky Mouse!

It was such a lovely day! We ate and laughed and generally had a ‘family’ day, since that’s what the Nicolls really are, in spite of there being no blood relation! I’ll update with more soon, so à bientôt!


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