Let Us Eat Cake! Emily In Paris (Part 2)

March 23, 2010

After 7 months in Paris I have a pretty clear idea of what things one should eat in Paris. Some things are outrageously expensive, some are incredibly cheap. What’s fun is finding the best of both, and what I love about food is that a fresh baguette for under a euro is just as good as a macaron that costs twice as much. How lucky were Emily and I to eat both in one week? So to continue yesterday’s post…

6. La Duree: It’s too expensive, but it’s so worth it! I couldn’t bear to let Emily leave without trying a macaron from the shop on the Champs Elysées, and in the end I think she was glad that I talked her into it! We got one each and shared, and they really are heavenly in spite of all the hype. Orange blossom and chocolate lime were perfect spring flavors, and eating them on the world’s most beautiful avenue was so touristy and fun!

Emily with our tiny tasty treats!

7. Eclairs: Chocolate éclairs in the United States are not at all like the French version. I remember my first time trying the French version, and I think Emily will remember trying her first real éclair too! The pastry part itself is lighter, more like a cream puff, and there is no sad creme inside-it is only a chocolate éclair if the filling is a heavy chocolate custard! It made both Emily and I wonder when and why most of the bakers in America decided to change all the best parts?

8. L’Ami Louis: Emily and I had an epic adventure one day in search of l’Ami Louis, a restaurant where her father dined once before forever losing the address. We managed to find it through my host brother Tiburce, who had heard of it and pointed us in the right direction. Apparently former French president Jacques Chiraq used to eat lunch there, but that part of town is a little rough now, though internet reports are still positive! We called Tuesday morning to learn that they were closed Mondays and Tuesdays, so we couldn’t try to get a seat, but we did search it out and take pictures for Emily’s dad-and she now has the address immortalized on video too, so that next time they’ll be able to find it and see if the reality lives up to the memory!

The big wooden security door prevented us from even glancing inside

9. Picnic!: We couldn’t find anywhere for dinner on the last night, so we had a picnic in Emily’s room at the hostel instead! It was a last-minute decision so we ended up running through the marais searching out bread, grapes, chocolate, cider, and cheese before the shops all closed for the evening. The boy at the cheese shop was very nice, very helpful, and very handsome, and he even let me take a picture or two of him and Emily-he was wearing a béret and he gave Emily a bisou on the cheek! The dinner was perfect, and everything tasted so good and so French. There are few things better than good bread and good cheese.

10. Bon Voyage Breakfast: The four days Emily spent in Paris seemed so short, and it was hard for both of us to say goodbye. In spite of her early-ish flight and my morning class we decided to wake up and do breakfast together at a café near Place du Châtelet. The croissants, coffee, orange juice, and baguette with jam and butter were delicious, but the best part was a little more time with Emily and her parting gift to me. The rings we bought together in Ireland nearly 7 years ago have been worn consistently by both of us during that time. Last summer mine finally broke, and with waitressing and preparing to study abroad I never managed to get it fixed. Emily had my mother mail it to her, and she re-gave me the repaired ring at the end of our meal. It’s more beautiful than ever and I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it, and how much it just feels like a part of me. Just like Emily does!

A bientôt!


One Response to “Let Us Eat Cake! Emily In Paris (Part 2)”

  1. Lizzie said

    Why is it that eating – and drinking wine – is such a glorious part of life?…….especially in France. I’m so happy that you had a wonderful time together. ED says it was far too short, but maybe that’s all to the good if you consider waistlines, etc!
    Love to you,

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