Un Jour A La Mode (partie numero deux)

March 12, 2010

To continue my Fashion Week experience…

This was the next thing I saw. The doormen recanted their statement about going home mere seconds later and those of us who had been waiting  all stampeded in a very unladylike fashion towards the door! As I entered the warehouse I just stared. I had never seen so many cameras in my life, and I tried in vain to photograph the stand absolutely packed full of them. I didn’t have much time to gawk though; as soon as we walked in the show began with skinny model boys in ski masks riding bicycles up and down the runway. I looked at Ariane and we exchanged “is this it?” looks, right as the runway music began! The lights went out, music started blaring even louder, and the first model, a tiny wisp in the distance, started walking towards us.

It was at this point that I realized I couldn’t see anything! I was wedged between security guards and the camera bleachers (positioned right at the end of the runway of course) and I kept getting yelled at by photographers who were worried I would block their shot, and then not one, but two women tried to squeeze in front of me. They both insisted that I was “tall enough to see over them” and that they “couldn’t see anything” while they tried to both look pitiful and edge me out of my corner (successfully because my parents raised me to be polite) all at the same time. Ariane suggested that I used my “cute american accent” (??!!??) and ask a security guard to let us onto the bleachers running parallel to the runway, but I had a better idea.

This is why Ariane was an excellent choice of companion for the show!

I noticed that behind the bleachers to my left was a platform about 3 feet off of the ground with another 3 feet of fence on top of that. It was high up, there was room for us, and we’d be able to see and photograph everything! I walked to the barrier and while still wearing heels I climbed right over! After rearranging my pencil skirt (high-waisted + tight = not a good combination for climbing) I motioned over to Ariane, told her to toss me her bag and keep the heels, and then we were both in the perfect spot! We gave fearless fashion a new meaning during those few moments. In my opinion, looking fabulous should never keep you from doing what you want and need to do, even if that involves scaling a 6 foot barrier.

It was when I started taking pictures like this that I knew climbing the barrier had been the best decision I could have made. I took so many photographs, and most didn’t turn out, but I am so proud of the ones that did! So here you are, your own inside look at a Paris Fashion Show!

And now my favorite series of photographs from the show. I love all of them and it was my favorite outfit of the collection, seeing the color and the way it floats in the pictures I think you’ll know why I couldn’t pick just one…

The face coverings were a little bit strange, but I thought it was interesting that the designers chose that, especially in the face of France’s controversial decisions about Muslim hijabs and burkas in schools and public places respectively. I wonder if anyone else at the show thought about that?

My favorite part of the show was the end when all the models came out at once. I especially liked seeing some of them smile, they were so beautiful, and it was really nice to see how excited (and young!!) many of them were after the seriousness of the show was done!

The smile on the girl top-left is breathtaking!

And then it was over. They walked back up the runway to change before running to another show or maybe going home, and the audience flooded the runway and started discussing what they had seen. The clothing was too edgy for my taste, but I loved just being there all the same. Oh, and what show was it? I didn’t find out until I got home but it was the Fall/Winter 2010 collection for Marithé & Francois Girbaud. As of now I know nothing about them, so I would really like to look up more information soon.

And one last thing. If it not for Ariane being incredibly generous and lending me her camera for the entire afternoon I wouldn’t have had pictures anywhere near this beautiful! A bientôt!


2 Responses to “Un Jour A La Mode (partie numero deux)”

  1. Lizzie said

    Love the fashion show and especially your grand efforts to see and photograph it. Not so sure about the clothes, though. I don’t see you in those capes! Now I await news of your week with Emily D – or were you both having such a whirl that there’s no time to write. I’ll call ED when she gets home. Heaps of love to you and Spring – April in Paris – is just around the corner.

    • Victoria said

      Thank you Lizzie! I can’t imagine wearing the clothes either, but it was still fun to imagine that somebody somewhere might try it! I will be updating soon about Emily’s visit-we had the best time and it was so good for both of us as friends and as individuals. I can’t wait for you to see the pictures! Love to you as well! (gros bisous!)

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