Un Jour A La Mode-Fashion Week in Paris (partie numero un)

March 11, 2010

Last Tuesday Ariane and I set out to do the impossible: attend the Valentino Fall Collection 2010 fashion show without tickets.

We failed, but still had the best time, and here’s why…

Ariane outside of the show

As you can see part one of the master plan was dressing like we were supposed to be there! Ariane wore a dress, I wore a black pencil skirt and sweater, and we both wore black tights, black heels, and messy French chignons…along with gloves and winter coats, since it was absolutely freezing outside!

We got off the metro and wandered up to what appeared to be a warehouse. The only sign that we were in the right place were the two exceptionally well-dressed young men in front of us. Then we rounded the corner and saw all of the cameras, people handed us free fashion magazines, and a woman immediately asked to take our picture!!! We tried to act normal and unsurprised, but I was secretly bubbling with joy when she said she liked my necklace and asked to take a close-up of it! Who knew that a hand-me-down could be so en vogue? And then that’s when we saw it, the little black sign marking the spot, with security guards and a frighteningly beautiful and well dressed woman in charge of the guest list; and she apparently knew what every last guest looked like, since she hardly ever took a glance at the hard copy!

And then there they were. Beautiful people in beautiful, (or at the very least expensive) clothes everywhere you looked! I couldn’t stop taking pictures; I knew some of these people’s faces, I knew they were models and actresses and Very Important People in the world of fashion, but I don’t know names, so I just photographed everything and everyone I found interesting. For an hour. In the cold. But it was worth it!

But it wasn’t all just beautiful women. The men were dressed with style that was impeccable, classic, eclectic, rock & roll, and ‘what was he thinking?’ all in one crowd. Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man, and Ariane snapped this next photograph (which is in my top 5 of the day) to prove it!

The show was supposed to start at 5:00 pm, but at 5:45 guests were still arriving-fashionably late is known to get a little out of control during fashion weeks. We were waiting ticket-less with a dozen other hopefuls, but the door was shut and nobody even said “sorry” for locking us out. Ariane and I were undeterred, and we decided to try for the next show, starting at 6:00 in the same place. We warmed up with coffee and skimmed our free magazines, and I decided that even if that was the end of it I would have been happy. But we had nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so we tried for the next show.

We only got one magazine. No photographers were buzzing around outside. This show was smaller, and we thought we might have a chance! Then one of the security guards came out and said that we weren’t going to be allowed in…

…à continuer! (to be continued)


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