A Weekend Full of Sunshine: Déborah in Paris

February 16, 2010

She brought the sunshine with her on Friday. After 3 cloudy, gray, and generally depressing days the sunshine arrived right along with my Southern-French friend. And I don’t think it was a coincidence either! Déborah was exactly what I needed-a really close girlfriend within arm’s reach for several days. I’ve been missing a lot of my closest girlfriends from back home lately, and multiple coffees and outings with Déborah really helped!

We had lunch, coffee, and dinner-twice! I met her mother and brother, both of whom are lovely, and I introduced her to some of my friends from SBC. Oh and Nick came along for dinner both Saturday and Sunday night! Saturday Nick, Déborah, her friends Mathilde and Arno, and I all went to Breakfast In America. I knew that Déborah would appreciate the American experience since all summer we tested diner after diner in the states! I was right, she  loved it, and she also loved her Valentine’s Day special pancakes, which contained strawberries and white chocolate!

Mathilde, Nick, Déborah and Arno after our huge meal!

I was also glad to have Déborah in town for another reason. It had been several months since I’d seen France due to her busy academic and athletic lives, but Déborah being in town was the perfect excuse for us to reconnect! The three of us had coffee today and it was so great! We talked about school, summer plans, memories of last summer in Michigan, and of course boys! It was so nice to be together again as a trio-we are all very different but our personalities mesh really well. I was also really happy with my French progress-last summer if they spoke between themselves I could never understand. It was much too fast and m vocabulary was not up to par. But today I could follow the conversation and even participate in French, something that only happened last summer if they consciously slowed down their speech and directed it at me. I’m improving! I feel like I am finally starting to progress again! I am working to consciously speak French more frequently, and I think it’s working! If I keep this up I should be really comfortable (and hopefully relatively mistake free) by the time I head back to the states!

Déborah, France and I in our winter coats!

Déborah is leaving to go back to Aix tomorrow, and I’m sad, because as much as I saw of her I still feel like we have more to catch up on and discuss. But I don’t have time to become lonely again. I leave Friday morning to celebrate Colbert’s birthday with him in Germany, and Lauren arrives from the States for the first week of March! Things are getting better and busier…but that said I have to go read Shakespeare for tomorrow’s class!

A bientôt!


2 Responses to “A Weekend Full of Sunshine: Déborah in Paris”

  1. mom said

    I love seeing the 3 of you together again! The girls added such joy to last summer and I miss them.

  2. Dad said

    Lovely times three!

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