Gaining momentum!

February 10, 2010

I don’t have a theme for this post, specifically because I have been doing so much that I can’t just pick one standout topic.

My internship is still fantastic-I am learning more about the business of selling art every day, and I am starting to become more comfortable with my role in the gallery (working on the English translation of the website, making the tags for the newest gallery show, drinking coffee while chatting with Dominique and various artists…did I mention that I LOVE my internship?). There’s another gallery opening Saturday, and I can’t wait to go. This time I’m bringing friends!

Speaking of friends, I have been busy expanding my social circle, which has been great. In addition to two new American friends (Nick and Miro), I went out with Peter, the son of the woman who found me my internship (and who clearly does an incredible job!) and his friends Thursday, my oldest host brother Tiburce and his friends last Friday, and just today Dominique’s daughter invited me to see some French plays with her (she designs incredible costumes for Parisian theater) and a girl in my new English Literature class invited me to do a once-a-week language exchange over coffee! She wants to practice her English, and I want to practice more French! But the best part about all of these new friends (and my more frequent outings with my “old” French friends) is that I’ll be hopefully speaking more French than I bargained for, since even Nick and Miro parlent en français avec moi!

My new English class focuses on the theater of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, which should be challenging, but also interesting. I am coming into second semester though, whereas most students are annual, so I have a lot of reading to do this weekend in order to catch up! I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to speed-read Shakespeare, but I do want to try! This is my first class ever focused solely on Shakespeare’s time period, and I’m thrilled! There’s a possible trip to Stratford England in the works as well…

That’s all for now. I am going to take pictures this weekend I promise (Deborah is coming to visit!!!) and so the next post should be both more interesting and much more visually stimulating! I will leave you with my only decent photograph of the week-Parisian rooftops seen from the Bastille Opera House, where I had a fantastic backstage, on-stage, above and below tour last week. Thanks to Sweet Briar we even got to try sitting in the best seats in the house! (during that part of the tour that is!) Now if only I could sit there during an actual performance…

I’m off to bed-my art history courses at the Sorbonne start tomorrow-so à bientôt!


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