Just a quick note from Spain…

January 16, 2010

Hola! Barcelona, Madrid, and now Seville…what a way to spend a semester break! Stories with pictures will be posted when I get back to Paris and my own computer, but for now I wanted to say that I am alive, happy, and LOVING Spain! What a beautiful country, what fabulous food, and what amazing people I’ve been meeting!

Barcelona was an incredible introduction to Spain, hostels, and Spanish food! Sun and palm trees, the beach, new friends from Amsterdam,  Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and of course the States, and I cannot forget the tapas, paella, sangria, and incredible fruit from the market!  When we left we had fistfulls of names and e-mail addresses and tears in our eyes! After only 3 days together we felt like one big family, and it was so hard to leave all of our new friends!

Madrid was quieter, but full of rich cultural experiences. We branched out and tried speaking more Spanish (it’s similar enough to French that I can understand while reading it, but speaking it is entirely different) and we were more adventurous with our food-baby eels with red pepper and garlic sauce on toast anyone? Museums (the Prado took two days, and was breathtaking) and churros dunked in drinking chocolate with two new American friends were other favorite parts of the trip!

Seville…well, we’ve just arrived, but tonight we’re going out with people from the hostel for paella and sangria! Traveling without “adults” is a really interesting experience. I feel like a am so much more self-reliant and self-assured. I am comfortable finding and booking transportation, places to stay, and places to eat, and I am impressed with how quickly I am able to get my bearings in a new city! I feel like I’ve really grown in maturity during this trip, and I am curious to see what the last few days are like! I really do miss Paris though, and cannot wait to be in “my” bed with my French family in “my” city! Hasta pronto!


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