“La Taverne Medievale: Unique à Paris!”

October 3, 2009

My weekends start on Thursdays because I don’t have class on Friday, so what better thing to do that go medieval dancing?

Granted most people would probably not put medieval dances at the top of their lists, but it was so much fun! It was France, her brother Gaspard, her almost sister-in-law Clarisse (engaged to France’s other brother, who wasn’t there), her friend Loïc, my friend Aisha, and me. We all ate dinner at MacDo (my first MacDonalds in France-I get a euro off because of my Carte Imaginaire but that’s about the only really exciting thing-the food is still fast-food!), and after we headed over to La Taverne Medievale!

I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was waiting for France to say “we were just kidding! I can’t believe you actually thought we would go Medieval dancing!” but lo and behold, we walked into a building where we were confronted by a suit of armor and a lovely stuffed ostrich!

Aisha and her friend the ostrich, pre-costumes!

Aisha and her friend the ostrich, pre-costumes!

Aisha and I didn’t happen to have medieval clothing with us, so we had to rent costumes, which made us both look like pageboys! They didn’t have dresses, so our jeans with our costumes (tunics? sheets?) made us look like the cards from the scene with the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland!

Aishoria, the 2 headed monster!

Aishoria, the 2 headed monster!

We were ushered downstairs, where we were greeted by rooms full of people in medieval clothing! Everyone has to be in costume to even go into the caverns, but people were very well dressed! Men in leather armor or gauntlets, women in gowns, bodices, and corsets (some of them really corseted, with tiny tiny waists!), and all manner of vests, skirts, and flouncy shirts! The rooms are stone vaults, with low ceilings, and there were small wooden tables where people ate medieval style stews while drinking hypocras, or spiced wine! There is one room for the dancing, with men (in costume of course) playing medieval instruments in the back. Clarisse works as a leader of the dances (and also an instructor of sorts) so she would tell us which dances were easy, and which ones were too hard for us as newcomers!

It was a small room with a lot of people, and it was very warm, and the dances were long, so I certainly got my exercise, but it was a very friendly place! During all the dances you hold hands with one or more people, so you meet strangers, you step on each others feet, and you try and stay connected when the chain gets stretched out too much!

France, Gaspard, and Loïc

France, Gaspard, and Loïc

Clarisse and others preparing to start a complicated dance!

Clarisse and others preparing to start a complicated dance!

We danced and danced until my jeans were stretched out, my shoe had fallen off, and I was desperately out of breath and forced to acknowledge the new blisters on my feet! I will certainly be going back again, and hopefully with France and her friends! The boys danced, France and Clarisse danced, and everyone was very welcoming and nice. Plus, how often can one drink a glass of hypocras while listening to fantastic live medieval music? Actually, I know the answer. In Paris, you can do that every Thursday! A bientôt!


One Response to ““La Taverne Medievale: Unique à Paris!””

  1. mom said

    Your dancing dress is on its way!

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