“Where is the Boat? The Mouche Boat?!”

September 18, 2009

Today was a glorious day!

This afternoon Sweet Briar organized a touristy and very entertaining ride on a Bateau Mouche, which is a boat that takes you down the Seine while loudspeakers in several languages blab audio-recordings about the various buildings. It was so much fun! The boats are open air, and very big, and they unabashedly give you the perfect opportunity to snap very cliche photographs of some of Paris’ most well known buildings and monuments. We were all only too happy to comply! The weather was extraordinarily nice for Paris, and we were all in high spirits, since we had just come from lunch! We laughed, snapped too many photos, and waved at the pedestrians on every bridge. In short, we were young Americans, and it was fantastic!

Bateaux Mouches on the river

Bateaux Mouches on the river


After an hour and a half of furious picture taking, we had all worked up quite an appetite! And we learned that ice cream, the ice cream widely known as the best in Paris no less, was not too far away, so we had to make the trek! Walking down a narrow street on the Ile St. Louis I was a bit skeptical, but once we saw the sign, and the tell tale line out the door, I was certain that I would not be disapointed. But even my highest expectations were surpassed!!!

Ice cream is very different in France than in the States. The first noticable difference is the size of the ice cream cones compared to the price. A tiny tiny ball of ice cream balancing on an empty cone easily costs 2 euro. But the quality of the ice cream is somehow well worth the often exhorbitant prices! I was worried that Berthillon would take advantage of their reputation, but they had very typical Paris prices, so while it was expensive, we all still got 3 flavors each in a waffle cone. After sampling everybody else’s, the general consensus was this: Salted Butter Caramel = a must. Pear = the most lovely flavor ever. Chocolate = (of course) divine. Hazelnut = a flavor I won’t pass up next time. And Green Apple = delicious, but only if you really like green apples, since it tastes like frozen apple sauce, but much better.

We had intended to walk with our cones to meet Aisha in front of Notre Dame, but we were all so blissfully distracted that we just stood in the street, not moving except to eat and mutter about how delicious the ice cream was. Needless to say, we were late to meet her, but it was SO worth it. Everyone who’s visiting me in Paris this year has Berthillon to look forward to!

This is the ice cream they serve in heaven!

This is the ice cream they serve in heaven!

We were so busy enjoying I forgot to take a "before" photo!

We were so busy enjoying that I forgot to take a "before" photo!

We finally did meet up with Aisha, and while none of my photographs from the Bateau Mouche were nice enough to post, I did take some of Notre Dame that I like much better. Even though I visited just last summer, I still really love this cathedral, and I even like the complete disconnect between the front and back of the building! Guess which end I like better? I’ll give you a hint-I didn’t take pictures of the other side! Though partly just because there are too many tourists in front!

Through the trees with fall leaves

Through the trees with fall leaves

Autumn roses

Autumn roses

Only in France can lovers sleep under heaven lights outside of a church

Only in France can lovers sleep under heaven lights outside of a church

One of the rose windows

One of the rose windows

I am going out with my friends tonight so my day is not over yet, but I’ll leave you with this for now! Have a lovely weekend everyone! A bientôt!

PS. I have also decided that I really do not like pigeons in large numbers. They are cute and even pretty when it’s just one or two, but when they begin to move menacingly towards you, or when they fly all around you, or absolutely swarm you because they sense food, they are terrifying! Maybe I just feel this way because of watching “The Birds” when I was little but I realized when I saw a little boy running away screaming that my fear is actually not that irrational. But I must say, there are some ladies in Paris who must really like them!

Note the calm expression

Note the calm expression

I, however, will never feed the pigeons at my feet.

If I feel badly I will feed them far away from me though!


2 Responses to ““Where is the Boat? The Mouche Boat?!””

  1. Uncle Dan said


    What enormous fun to read your blogs and see the beautiful pics of Paris.
    You must be having the time of your life. Keep sharing the memories.

    Enjoy & Love,
    Uncle Dan

  2. Victoria said

    Thanks Uncle Dan! I think about you backpacking all around Europe fairly frequently and I know I’ll have to get some pointers from you once I start traveling to other places on the weekends!

    Lots of Love,

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