L’internet Français/ Is This Soap or Lotion?

August 30, 2009

I will start by saying that there are several  fabulous pictures that I want to post along with this entry, but due to problems which will be explained shortly, those photos (and most of the things I want to say today) will have to wait until tomorrow. French internet is even more finicky than the internet in America. I have realized that at least in Tours, the internet is a privilege, not a right. I have no wifi in my house here, but there is internet on Madame’s computer-possibly wifi but she doesn’t know how I can access it. However, there is free wifi, for which I have the password, at l’Institut, but it is not open on weekends. Which leaves me with Madame’s home computer, which has a French keyboard, which means letters and symbols and keys you have to “shift” for are sprinkled in unusual places-quel horreur!

However, other than internet difiiculties, life here is wonderful! I eat, drink, sleep, walk, attempt to speak French, and visit gorgeous chateaux, all while making new friends-clearly life here is très difficile!

In fact, if I didn’t have to speak a foreign language, I would be in heaven! As it turns out, speaking frequent French requires lots of concentration, as does discerning the exact purpose of mysterious objects in our new home! Hence my attept to purchase body lotion-maybe I was overwhelmed, or (more likely) maybe I just can’t speak French but the “lotion” I eagerly smeared on my arm chez-moi turned out to instead be body wash-at least I needed some of that too! Yet fortunately I am not alone in my struggles-Jane and I now know (after much deliberation and some trial and error on her part) that what appears to be hand lotion in the kitchen is actually dish detergent that is quite potent. We think. Maybe we should ask Madame?…

Either way, tomorrow is the start of classes at l’Institut, and also (barring any other unexpected challenges with l’Internet Français) I will update with pictures and commentary on some of the fabulous French food, chateaux, and gardens I’ve been enjoying! A bientôt!


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