Au Revoir USA, Bonjour Tours!

August 28, 2009

I have arrived safely in Tours, and I have survived my first day, so I am feeling well fed, and well rested enough to finally start writing! Where to even start…

I was fortunate enough to run into my housemate for Tours at the hotel in D.C. Her name is Jane, and she is wonderful-I think that we’ll be friends until she goes home in December. We’re both studying at the Sorbonne IV in Paris-but while I’ll be studying Art History, English, and French, she will be taking courses in History and French Literature. I’ve also caught up with some friends from Sweet Briar, Caroline and Gina, and I’ve met many other potential friends on the trip so far. The reunion this afternoon and the outing to a cafe in the main square of Tours will help I’m sure!

In regards to my trip to France, may I just say that air France plies you with free alcohol throughout the flight? “Du vin?” -“Non merci”. “Du (insert name of an after dinner alcohol I’ve forgotten)?” -“Non merci”. “Du liqueur?” -“Non merci”. “Du champagne?” -“Oui merci!”. I felt that a sip of champagne was a proper start to my French life, though what I really wanted more than anything was to be able to sleep! (Especially since I was sitting next to a fairly boring American couple, who watched movies the whole time). But it all turned out okay, because I’m here!

Yesterday was a blur-planes (with 2 meals but only 30 minutes of sleep) a bus ride (1 meal, 2 hours of sleep) and then meeting our host mother, Madame Mercier (2 meals, 3 hours of sleep) meant that I had eaten 5 meals in what felt like one really long day.  Madame is very French, but she is starting to warm up to Jane and I. Speaking French after no sleep and somewhere around 12 hours of traveling was a challenge for both me and my housemate, but Madame was very patient. She gave us what she called a “little” lunch consisting of roast chicken, salad, bread, and cooked quinoa-thankfully after that “small” meal, she let us nap for a few hours, before taking us on a tour of Tours!

Madame bought us drinks at a riverside cafe (not really a cafe, more of a bar) that is only open during the summer, and after we got home Jane and I helped her to make a savory tart of onions and tomatoes for dinner. After dinner we felt oh so French eating cheese and bread with apples for dessert!

I added two photos, which show that I actually made it! If you click on them they’ll get bigger and say who they are/what they’re pictures of. I’ll try and update more tomorrow, but for now, A bientot!


2 Responses to “Au Revoir USA, Bonjour Tours!”

  1. Laura Trudeau said

    I am so envious of the food that you are enjoying! I am sitting in front of the computer with a warmed up riceball from Whole Foods. Keep telling us about the food!

  2. Taler said

    I’m so glad that you made it to France safe and sound. 😀 But your airplane beverage story is interesting, a similar situation happened to me when I was flying to England on British Airways. The Institut de Tourraine looks gorgeous! 😀

    Have a wonderful time in Tours!

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